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             We built cutting-edge identification technology & partnered with industry leaders in crime prevention & community safety. 

Identification Network at Your Service


Governments are investing in growing our infrastructure to deter crime in their municipalities


Businesses are investing in our solutions to manage their inventory & keep their communities safe


People like you are helping others identify stolen assets by simply downloading the free KYCS app


By downloading the free KYCS app, your smartphone protects your assets while helping others identify their stolen assets. Your phone helps solve crime anonymously!

Whether you’ve purchased a KYCS enabled beacon for asset protection or you’re just interested in helping others by becoming a part of the KYCS Identification Network, our app is for you!


Just pair our long-range independently powered Bluetooth beacon to the free app, and place it inside your asset. It’s that simple.


Your asset has been stolen and you’ve called the police. Next, share your beacon with the KYCS Identification Network. With a push of a button, the entire network is anonymously searching to identify your asset.

If you’re like most, you’re likely notifying your social media networks of what happened. Why not ask them to download a free app to help you? When your asset is identified, you get a notification along with a pinpoint Google Map location!


Below are some FAQs and our quick start up guide for download

We currently support Android 6.0 or newer with Bluetooth low energy and iPhone 4s, iPad 3 and Mini or newer. Please note Blackberry devices are currently unsupported.

Yes, currently all KYCS beacons are water resistant. 

Yes, cellular phone, tablet cases and/or covers will reduce and/or block the Bluetooth signal from connecting with approved beacons. For best performance, please remove cellular phone cases and/or covers.

KYCS beacons communicate via Bluetooth 4.0 technology with supported phones and tablets. KYCS app users are part of the Global Network Community. Each smartphone works together anonymously to locate KYCS beacons anywhere worldwide where cellular coverage is available. When a KYCS beacon is located, or pinged by the Network Community it will update the owner with the last known GPS location anonymously.

Yes, the KYCS app has a Share feature that allows you to share your KYCS beacon with other users of the KYCS App. Once shared, the users in your shared group will also be able to view and identify your KYCS beacon. You can also share your KYCS beacon to our Identification Network and if your KYCS beacon is in range of one of our users, it will anonymously send you a GPS location update. Please note that you must set-up a Shared Group first before you’re able to share the KYCS beacon to other users.

The KYCS Identification Network App is designed for Law Enforcement officers and agencies to identify stolen property and/or missing individuals that are equipped with KYCS beacon. If your item has been reported stolen, you can share it to the KYCS Identification Network. If law enforcement recovers your stolen item, you will be updated via the KYCS App to contact local authorities for further details.

Yes, the KYCS app requires Bluetooth, internet and location services to operate all functions of the app. If either feature is off the KYCS app will not load and you will not be able to use any features.

When the KYCS app is in standby mode “HOME” Page, there is a low to medium battery consumption. High battery consumption occurs only when in the “HUB” and “Item” page where the KYCS app is always scanning for your KYCS beacon. KYCS offers the longest range beacons on the market, specifically designed for high value assets.

Features are similar between both platforms. Zone Alert is currently only available on Android supported mobile phones. If you have further questions on features please contact us prior to purchasing any KYCS beacons.

The KYCS Bluetooth beacon is a digital identification system designed to identify your stolen asset using Bluetooth long range technology. The KYCS Bluetooth beacon has a range of up to 150 meters line of sight, when your device is in range of the Keep Your Community Safe App, it will update it’s location anonymously