Wireless ID

Identify stolen property
Wireless technology

Self Powered

10 - year performance warranty
Simple to install

Theft Deterrent

Multi - layer wireless identification
and theft deterrent system


Your Vehicle Marking Program

Powerful brand recognition upgrade to your current vehicle marking program
Wireless technology replaces static marking labels
Increase market share and penetration rates
Simply swap out existing marking labels with Crime Stoppers ID

Wireless Identification

Crime Stoppers ID Features

Wireless Identification System
Wireless serial number that can be tracked back to its original owner
Identifies Stolen property using wireless technology
Secondary wireless layer to vehicle identification number (VIN)
Adds a new level of professionalism to asset identification programs
Adds innovation to stagnant traditional vehicle branding programs
No Monitoring Fees
Simple to install
Does not affect manufacturers warranty
Maintenance free
10 - year limited performance warranty
Multi - layered wireless theft deterrent system
Wireless Identification Platform available for all law enforcement agencies

Crime Stoppers ID Project