Zone IC – KYCS

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Lot Management and Theft Recovery

A Complete Lot Management & Theft Recovery Solution Designed For Dealers

We believe having access to your inventory location’s & theft recovery system shouldn’t require a time consuming technician installation or expensive infrastructure.


Simply place a KYCS Locate in the vehicle and match it to a stock number. No service technician or IT technician required.


Monitor your inventory on any device from anywhere in the world with an easy to navigate user interface.


KYCS Locate is sold through to the customer.  This allows the dealership to recover their costs and create new revenue.


Easily Deployed

KYCS Locate allows for self installation.  Our device is self powered, making it easy to covertly hide in an asset.

Simple Interface

Leverage the search functionality to find any asset on your lot or off site lot through the KYCS Locate app and/or web portal.

Reliable Hardware

With an independent 5-year battery life and IP 67 weatherproof casing, Locate can withstand time and the elements.


Indemnity Backing

Adopt an indemnity or warranty backing program and pair it with Locate.  We’ll even host your contracts on our database.

Perfect Bundle

Bundle KYCS Locate with existing security or protection programs or add Locate to an existing bundle. Does not compete with existing programs.

Streamlined Registration

Our registration portal, emails and stores all of your terms and conditions in one convenient location.

Locate screen shot with app