Zone IC – KYCS

Meet zone ic

Real-Time Inventory Location System

A Complete Lot Management & Theft Recovery Solution Designed For Dealers

We believe having access to real-time inventory location & theft recovery system shouldn’t require upfront technician installation, expensive infrastructure nor the expectation of “leaving it on every unit”. 


Simply place a beacon in the vehicle and match it to a stock number. No service technician or IT technician required.


See your inventory live on any device from anywhere in the world. Easy to navigate
 user interface.


Beacon sells through at a profit. Worried your staff won’t sell it through? Can easily be re-assigned to another asset.


Easily Deployed

No technician required, our device is self powered, plug and play solution.  

Simple Interface

Search for any unit and see its location in real-time. If you can use Google you can easily navigate our system.

Reliable Hardware

With an independent 5-year battery life & unprecedented signal distance, your units can no longer hide on the lot.



Create a self-directed indemnity program and pair it with our device. We’ll even host your contracts on our database.

Perfect Bundle

Bundle our transponder with your existing indemnity program or with a warranty. Does not compete with existing programs.

Streamlined Registration

Our registration portal emails and stores all of your terms and conditions in one convenient location.

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