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Meet zone ic

Real-Time Location System

A Complete IoT Solution Designed For Dealers

We believe having access to real-time inventory location, real-time analytics and real-time prescriptive maintenance shouldn’t require upfront technician installation, expensive infrastructure nor the expectation of “leaving it on every unit”. 


Simply place a beacon in the vehicle and match it to a stock number. No service technician or IT technician required.


See your inventory live on any device from anywhere in the world. Easy to navigate
 user interface.


Beacon sells through at a profit. Worried your staff won’t sell it through? Can easily be re-assigned to another asset.


Easily Deployed

Our team works with you to install beacons on your existing inventory and train your staff.

Simple Interface

Search for any unit and see its location in real-time. If you can use Google you can easily navigate our system.

Reliable Hardware

With an independent 5-year battery life & unprecedented signal distance, your units can no longer hide on the lot.


Real-Time Queries

Never spend more than a few seconds looking for a specific unit. If it’s not on the lot, you’ll know when it left.

Operational Efficiency

No more dead batteries or flat spots on tires. Set inactivity alerts and Zone IC will filter them by lot to save you time 


Create custom notifications & email distribution list for inactive vehicles or movement outside of business hours



Create a self-directed indemnity program and pair it with our device. We’ll even host your contracts on our database.

Perfect Bundle

Bundle our transponder with your existing indemnity program or with a warranty. Does not compete with existing programs.

Streamlined Registration

Our registration portal emails and stores all of your terms and conditions in one convenient location.


From our partners

Since introducing GLOBAL iFind as part of our vehicle protection program at Clarington Toyota, we are seeing exactly the results we had hoped for – increased sales penetration.

GLOBAL iFind was easy to implement internally, easy to explain and demo in real-time. Our customers have the ability to handle the iFind device, explore the KYCS app and understand the many benefits of the program. Furthermore, the product is a great addition to our mix of product offerings, adding value to our menu as much as it provides real value to our customers.

We are very happy with the performance of this program and happy to be a part of a greater community safety network, here in Bowmanville and across Canada.

Don Gleed, President,

Clarington Toyota

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